Gift Basket Movie Treats Popcorn

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Product Information

Gift Basket Movie Treats Popcorn

All Occasion Candy New

This Gift Basket

Is a fun gift basket for any Family Fun

A great neighbor or Family Gift


3 Bags of Microwave buttered Popcorn

(With Old Fashion Labels)

2 Plastic Popcorn Buckets

1 Box of popcorn Candy

1 Box Snow caps

1 Box Zoo animal Candy

1 Box Bulls Eye Candy

and other assorted candy

All in a Wire Basket basket

with a tag on front which say's

( Movie Treats here )

that is cello wrapped with bow

Buy it for a gift

Or keep it for yourself

Will included a card for free

just ask

if candy is included

Some items may vary

due to available items at the

time of sale


Product Code: GIFO2


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